Site-Specific Antibody Labeling is Superior

Site-Specific conjugations Enhance Antibody binding Perfomance

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Featured: Antibody-Oligonucleotide Conjugation Kits

For high-sensitivity Single-Cellular Analysis. Easily attach DNA strands to your Antibodies. 

Antibody-Oligo Applications

iPCR enables 100-1000x more sensitive detection than ELISA. Multiplexing with Ab-oligos can enhance Cellular or subcellular feature analysis. Proximity ligation assays can be used for protein-protein interaction studies.

Label as little as 1ug of Antibody with Oligonucleotide per reaction. oYo-Link supports 10-90 base pair custom-designed Oligo strands with modifications. 

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Try select Products for Free to label up to 10ug of Antibody.

Up to 10x Increase in Sensitivity. For Direct and Sandwich ELISAs. 

Copper-free click chemistry, for simpler antibody labeling at your convenience. 

Improve throughput and enhance cell-killing assay performance. 

CUT&RUN: Better than ChiP-Seq

with MNase Conjugations. 

Covalently conjugate MNase directly to antibodies and use for the CUT&RUN assays or other cell digestion assays. Epigenetic mapping is vastly improved with oYo-Link MNase. Low cell counts yield high DNA enrichment results. 

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Label Antibodies in Any Buffer, at Any Concentration
No need to worry about Purification. Antibody conjugation performed in 30-seconds hands on time, 2 hours total with our novel photo-crosslinking conjugation technique. 

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The Next-Gen of Antibody Labeling is Site-Specific

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